Corescan Commissions Hyperspectral Scanning Laboratory at Geological Survey of Queensland’s Mount Isa Core Facility

The initiative, a collaboration between Corescan and the Geological Survey of Queensland, provides local resource companies with easy access and discounted rates in order to trial the technology.

Queensland’s Chief Government Geologist Tony Knight said a trial, of up to six months starting in March 2017, will give explorers operating in Mount Isa access to the latest hyperspectral scanning technology.

“Companies who participate in the trial will have a unique opportunity to put this cutting-edge exploration technology through its paces and evaluate its performance,” Mr Knight remarked.  “In a globally competitive commodities market, faster and more precise data is a key consideration for business leaders seeking to make informed investment decisions on exploration targets and guide them in making calculated risks for resource projects.

Mr Knight said Glencore would be one of the first mineral explorers to road test the technology.  “In addition to providing faster and more precise data, accessing the technology locally from Mount Isa, in close proximity to their operations, will save Glencore on the cost of transporting core samples for analysis.”