An advanced hyperspectral imaging system that integrates high resolution VNIR-SWIR imaging spectroscopy, core photography and 3D laser profiling.

Hyperspectral Core Imaging

Using Corescan’s proprietary imaging spectrometer design, HyImager integrates high resolution VNIR-SWIR imaging spectroscopy, core photography and 3D laser profiling to deliver the most advanced automated core logging system. The HyImager system incorporates all sensors, an XYZ translation table, high speed data acquisition, data quality control and an advanced health monitoring and reporting system.

Corescan’s advanced optical and illumination design, focus’s the spectral measurements at 250μm pixels to create an image of the core surface. Hyperspectral images are acquired along the core surface collecting ~800,000 samples per metre at a scan rate of ~35mm per second. Co-registered photos and 3D laser profiler measurements are acquired simultaneously during the scanning process. Spectral calibration using NIST traceable standards is automatically managed by the system.

All sensors are housed within a 3-axis translation table that allows core trays, rock chips and other sample material to be handled automatically. An advanced system control module provides high speed data acquisition, quality control and system health monitoring.  HyImager is contained within a standard 20 foot, airconditioned sea container that serves as a mobile core-scanning and analysis laboratory allowing the system to operate in a range of remote environments.

HyImager Specifications

System Specification HyImager-3.2 HyImager-4.1 HyImager-4.2 HyImager-4.2ML
RGB Photography
Spatial resolution 50μm 25μm 25μm 25μm
Colour depth 24bit 24bit 24bit 24bit
Colour mode 3 x CCD 3 x CCD 3 x CCD 3 x CCD
Sensor type Frame scan Line scan Line scan Line scan
3D Profiling
Spatial resolution 500μm 50μm 50μm 50μm
Height resolution 20μm 15μm 15μm 15μm
IR Spectrometer
Sensor type Imaging Imaging Imaging Imaging / Profiling
Spectrometer Modules 3 3 3 5
Cooling systems Peltier Peltier Peltier / Stirling Peltier / Stirling
Spectral Range – VNIR (nm) 450 – 1,000 450 – 1,000 450 – 1,000 450 – 1,000
Spectral Range – SWIR (nm) 1,000 – 2,500 1,000 – 2,500 1,000 – 2,500 1,000 – 2,500
Spectral Range – MWIR (nm) 2,500 – 6,000
Spectral Range – LWIR (nm) 6,000 – 15,000
Spectra per metre (1000mmx60mm) 240,000 240,000 960,000 960,000
Imaging Spectrometer Module
Spatial resolution 500μm 500μm 250μm 250μm
Spatial sampling 500μm 500μm 250μm 250μm
Profiling Spectrometer Module
Spatial resolution 10mm
Spatial sampling 4mm
IR Spectrometer – Resolutions
@450nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@1,000nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@1,300nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@1,800nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@2,200nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@2,500nm 4nm 4nm 2nm 2nm
@3,000nm 5nm
@4,000nm 8nm
@5,000nm 13nm
@6,000nm 19nm
@8,000nm 33nm
@10,000nm 52nm
@12,000nm 74nm
@14,000nm 101nm
@15,000nm 116nm
Data volume per metre 350Mb 400Mb 5,000Mb 5,000Mb
Core tray length (Max) 1,550mm 1,550mm 1,550mm 1,550mm
Core tray width (Max) 600mm 600mm 700mm 700mm
Supports material weighing Yes Yes
Sample weight range 35kg 35kg
Sample weight resolution 200g 200g
Scanning speed 10mm per second 25mm per second 20mm per second 20mm per second
Supports pass-through workflow Yes Yes
System net weight 1,500kg 1,500kg 2,600kg 2,600kg

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