Core Photography

Core Photography

New image processing techniques are driving renewed interest in accessing high quality core photography, and while not all projects will have the budget to acquire hyperspectral data, Corescan believes that all core should be treated equally and receive the same high quality photography and consistent lighting and angle to core.

Built on Corescan-4 technology, the CorePhoto and CorePhoto-3D systems leverage common sensor and data acquisition technology proven by Corescan HCI-4. These systems are easily installed in-line with existing core racks for a simple pass-through workflow. Internal rollers within the scanning table allow core boxes to be easily pushed through. Core can be cut or whole, wet or dry.

The system includes auto-cropping of core boxes and a direct linkage to Coreshed for photo uploading. CorePhoto is machine learning (deep learning) ready and offers computer-assisted logging and core photo texture classification. Additionally, geotechnical parameter extraction is offered for whole core.

With direct integration to Coreshed for centralized image management, Corescan is pleased to offer a fully integrated, turn-key solution which can be operated by core shed staff.

CorePhoto System Specifications

Specification CorePhoto-1 CorePhoto-3D
Core photography resolution 50μm 25μm
Core profiling (DEM) resolution 50μm
Auto-cropping of core boxes Yes Yes
Deep learning ready Yes Yes
Geotechnical parameter ready* Yes
Core tray sizes (mm) 1600 x 600 1600 x 600
Release date Q3 2020 Q3 2020

*Whole core is required for this feature