Geological Image Management

Geological Image Management

Current core photo visualization platforms are limited; most historic core photography is hosted in folders, whereby the storage and presentation of drill core and chips/cuttings records can put pressure on I.T. infrastructure.

Coreshed is a web driven portal for secure, global, company-wide access to electronic geological samples that offers a cost-effective and reliable solution with on-demand core retrieval and global access.

In addition to this centralized facility storing all hyperspectral core data, images, mineral maps and mineral percentage logs generated by the Corescan system, Coreshed hosts historic DSL photography and other client data (geochemistry suites, visual lithology and alteration logs, downhole geophysics, etc.) to visually interrogate data with your photography and HCI data.

Coreshed provides the following features:

  • Core photo import
    • Auto-cropping of trays from background and conversion to downhole strip logs
    • Identification of core blocks and depth markers with auto-annotation and registration (subject to image quality)
  • Online management of imagery from drill core and other geological samples
  • Instant online viewing of core imagery and mineral abundances
  • Long term data archive and retrieval
  • Web driven portal for secure, global, user-based access


Contact Coreshed to discuss improvements to core image management.