Onsite Laboratories

Onsite Laboratories

Corescan’s hyperspectral core imaging system integrates into all stages of the mining value chain from exploration and prefeasibility through to mining/extraction and environmental remediation. For large-scale and remote projects, as well as situations where real-time drilling decisions are required, it is challenging and time-consuming to send material to fixed bureaus and it is for this reason that Corescan laboratories are designed with the field in mind.

All Corescan laboratories can be located and operated at a mine/well or exploration site.

Our onsite services are designed to integrate closely with the drilling process, providing the exploration and development teams with timely mineralogy and mineral compositional data. Detailed mineralogical logs (assay format) and mineral maps are tailored to meet the specific project needs and are produced near-real-time onsite.

Corescan is establishing scanning facilities at strategic locations worldwide to service the needs of local exploration and mining/oil and gas operations. All equipment, operating crew and support staff are provided by Corescan on a turnkey supply-maintain-operate basis.

Real-time interpretation and visualisation during drilling identifies areas of significance for mineralization or reservoir, such as a key alteration mineral being present in the assemblage or a particular composition, rapidly delineating sections of core that require assay, or conversely, eliminating the need to assay core with no economic mineralisation.

Fundamentally, Corescan complements the geological and engineering team’s own qualitative assessments of the core with quantitative mineral assemblage and compositional data. Corescan is the partner of choice for companies demanding greater objectivity, quality, efficiency and value from their drilling programs.

Please contact Corescan to discuss and arrange a proposal for provision of an onsite scanning facility.